1.       There is a Non-Refundable $45.00 fee per person for processing the application. This fee covers the obtaining of a credit report, performing an Unlawful Detainer (eviction) search, making phone calls and for clerical time. All persons 18 or over must complete an application and pay the fees.  All credit verification monies are non‑refundable.
2.       Applicant’s must specify which property they are applying for.  The application will be considered first for this property and only considered for another property if one is available that Applicant(s) qualifies for.
3.       Stanislaus Property Management strives to review your application and complete the process for you as quickly as possible. However, we welcome you to contact the office to check the status of your submitted application.
4.       All Applicant(s) must be present and sign the rental agreement prior to occupancy.  Keys will not be released without all applicants signing the rental agreement.  Rental Agreements can be signed in our Modesto office or they now be signed electronically with DocuSign.
5.       We accept money orders and cashier’s checks. Tenants can also pay conveniently online with their Tenant Portal –  No personal checks or cash are ACCEPTED.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: For A Minimum Security Deposit (Minimum Security Deposit on Most Units/Properties is equal to One Full Months Rent, please check with the rental list before submitting application)

Failure to meet these minimum requirements will increase your security Deposit and/or it can disqualify your application for Rental.

Rental History: Three years of rental history.  Tenant history must be consistent with application and credit report. We require the Applicant(s) rental payment history to demonstrate the ability to pay on time and to pay any and all outstanding fees when they become due. If your rental history exceeds the spaces provided in the Rental Application, please attach and submit additional pages. Applications will be denied when Applicant(s) has been late more than 2 times a year, has an eviction within the last three years, owes a landlord and/or agency money arising from their tenancy and /or is currently in the process of a legal action due to their current or past tenancy.  Less than three years of rental or mortgage history or combination thereof will result in an increase of security deposit.

Employment/Income: All documentation to substantiate source of income must be submitted with application.  Income from your job and/or other sources must be at least three (3) times the rent after all monthly debt payments are subtracted.  Income from all sources or combination of incomes must have been received for three years to qualify as a minimum requirement.  Proof of income must be provided by source income is received from; i.e.; Employment requires verification from our office and a recent payroll stub, income from government agency requires eligibility letter from that agency, court order payments (ex: child support or alimony) must be provable, a court order by itself does not establish payment from the other party.   All income must be legal and verifiable.  Deposit will be increased if applicant does not make 3x times the rent or does not meet the length of time for source(s) or combination of sources. Applicants with income less than 2x the amount of rent will be disqualified from rental consideration.

Credit History: A credit report will be obtained to verify Applicant’s credit standing.

For a minimum security deposit ~ Beacon score must reveal a minimum rating of 600 and Applicant(s) payment history must reveal less than one-third R2-R9 Ratings, combined with collections, liens and judgments.  Balance of credit has to have R1 rating.  A security Deposit is increased by 40% for no credit rating and/or no credit reported.  Deposit is increased by 100% for not being able to obtain a credit report.

Bankruptcy is acceptable if new credit has been established and it adheres to the above guidelines and the bankruptcy has been discharged or dismissed for at least one year.  Application will be denied if Applicant(s)’s bankruptcy has not been discharged completely.

Occupancy of units varies from owner to owner; the average occupancy standard is 2 persons per bedroom.   Some owners may have a different standards. Please check with our office to confirm occupancy if you have a question.

Note:      A deficiency in any one or more areas above will increase the security deposit up to 2 times the rent or the application could be declined.   Any fraud statement(s) on an application will cause application to be declined.

If you do not agree to the above or do not meet the requirements, please do not submit an application.